Personal Services


Bank of George opened on September 24, 2007 as a full service, traditional, community bank focusing on business and professional clients in Southern Nevada whose needs, we believe, are better served by a small community bank. Our bank was created to provide a high-level of customized service to our clients, utilizing all the tools and technology that are now needed by small business owners to succeed in a dynamically changing environment.

However, as we keep an eye to the future, we continue to maintain the timeless ideals and core values that establish us as a trusted community partner. We are committed to the full embodiment of the values of our namesake, George Washington, whose legacy is one of strong leadership, integrity, and dedication to community.

Our Core Values

Integrity – We mean what we say; we are honest and sincere in our treatment of others; we are consistent, reliable and do the right thing.
Respect – We listen and value other ideas and opinions; we value and encourage diversity; we are trustworthy and honest.
Positive Attitude – We are optimistic; we promote team spirit; we value feedback; we are open-minded; we want to say yes; we are flexible and knowledgeable; we strive to understand the issues at hand; we listen.
Empowerment – We strive for common goals, are loyal, and support and care for each other; we operate within established guidelines; we inspire confidence; we are trained and experienced; we are respected; we agree to be held accountable for our actions; we make appropriate decisions.
Professionalism – We have a positive attitude while inspiring confidence; we understand our jobs; we solve problems and develop solutions to obstacles; we are loyal to each other; we are engaged and involved in our business; we are committed to our community, each other, and our clients; we strive together to achieve our goals and objectives.
Excellence – We follow standards and procedures; we “do it right”; we produce quality products and results; we are consistent; we take pride in our work.